Healthcare is a right,not a privilege


We deliver medical supplies to Health Entities in Africa using technology and a multi-channel distribution platform


Blood Products

Many health entities in the developing economy can’t afford to keep expensive cold-chain products like platelets, antivenin, oxytocin, blood products, and second-line treatments in stock at every health facility. Rubilabs is the first platform to make on-demand availability of these products cost-effective, and fast enough to save lives.

When a health facility runs out of medicines a patient needs, Rubilabs can deliver it — fast enough that most patients won’t realize the product wasn’t on the shelf to begin with. The result is on-time availability of every product for every person who needs it at every instance.


We work with organizations using robotics and AI to develop and lower the cost of diagnostics, integrate their devices into our tech platform, and sell this bundle to health entities on our platform.

Medical & Diagnostics